Ask Lynwood

Ask Lynwood

Q: What are some key trends for the upcoming spring season?

It is our vision to present impeccably made and well-designed modern clothes from the best designers in the world, while representing a variety of price points and style perspectives. Our customers’ needs and requests are always at the forefront of our minds, but at the same time we want to inspire you to stretch a bit. At Mario’s our assortment isn’t dictated by trends, but of course, we always want to offer must-have items and give fashion direction.

For spring, we love the metallic and shine that was shown, often worn in a casual way for day. New technical fabric textures will be important, notably applique, lace, leather and suede. Pieces with a sporty influence—sweatshirts, bombers, shorter cropped tops often layered over a soft silk camisole—will be fun additions to your wardrobe as well. The newest shoes also are sport influenced, like colorful sandals on rubber tread soles. Dresses will be very important, especially those with beautiful prints and interesting layered shapes.

Q: How do you determine what to buy for the store?

We come up with an overall vision for the stores that’s anchored by the major collections we carry. Then we start building smaller collections to enhance them or provide alternative options. Next, we scour the market, visiting designer showrooms, trade shows and runway events. We take photographs of pieces we’re considering and show them to the selling teams whenever possible: they’re on the frontlines interacting with customers, so their opinions are indispensable. At the end of the day I make the final decisions, but I always take feedback from our associates, vendors and customers into account. I also stay in touch with all the buyers to make sure the shoes, jewelry and other accessories we’re bringing in complement the clothing assortment.

Q: Your job sounds exciting. Do you get to travel the world and go to all the fashion shows?

It seems like there is never enough time to go to all the amazing fashion events we’re invited to attend. The Mario’s team does spend a lot of time traveling, but mostly to visit designer showrooms to look at product for the stores.

Generally, my team and I are in New York very frequently, almost monthly. Our contemporary buyer, Celia, also shops the L.A. market every month, sometimes even more. I generally go to Europe three times a year, and we order new product for the store on all of these trips.

I do enjoy going to the shows, especially in Paris, and I try to get to as many as I can. And while it’s amazing to see the artistry displayed on the runways, there’s some disparity between what’s shown and what we would really buy for the store. It’s nice to be in the showrooms, where you can really touch the garments and see them up close.

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