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The label, properly pronounced EE-sigh-EE-uh, was founded in Naples in 1957, but didn’t make its way to the states until the early 1990′s- and still remains somewhat of secret within fashion’s inside circle.  ISAIA prides itself on interpreting Italian sartorial tradition into “Contemporary Tradition” for the “New Gentleman.”  With their bold patterns and pops of color, all completed with their signature coral pin, the designs resonate with best-dressed celebrities and sartorial experts alike.  The designs of ISAIA aren’t just about the clothing, but rather they are representative of an attitude- a dynamic, successful, and sophisticated lifestyle- worn by the man that desires to express that through his style of dress.

This underground favorite continues to reinvent Neopolitan sartorial tradition while maintaining their sense of exclusivity and reputation as a leader of men’s luxury clothing.  This Friday (Downtown Portland) and Saturday (Downtown Seattle) ISAIA will be in town to showcase their exclusive Spring 2012 collection of suit, sportcoat, overcoat, and dress shirt swatches, available for Made-to-Measure, & crafted in true Neapolitan fashion.  There will be a representative from the label here to educate and assist with the Made-to-Measure process, as well as Mario’s specialists to help you select your choices.  Not to mention, if you shop these days we will be offering $350 off a Made-to-Measure suit, or sportcoat/pant combo, and $250 off a Made-to-Measure sportcoat.

Call 503.227.3477 (Portland) or 206.223.1461 (Seattle) to make an appointment or just stop in to get measured, check out the Made-to-Measure process, and learn more about ISAIA!

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