Men’s Fashion Trends for the New Year

As New Year’s resolutions come and go, one thing we do vow to commit to is the progress of fashion.  We have been highly anticipating the trends of Spring/Summer 2012 since our buyers returned from the shows in the fall and now that the New Year is upon us we feel compelled to share some of our projected favorites.  Cheers to the boys and a stylish 2012!

{1. double-breasted jackets for the sartorial gent}

{2. it’s safe to say colored denim is here to stay}

{ 3. socks optional}

{4. white on white on white}

{5. for the average dude: chambray}

{6. a decorated wrist with beaded or braided bracelets}

{7. can’t do all over color?  incorporate neon in small ways}

{8. goodbye slim & straight, hello tapered pant legs}

{9. and for the ultra trendy… thick soled shoes}

Photo Credits: 1. The Sartorialist 2. Nic Screws via 3. The Sartorialist 4.  5. The Urban Gent 6. Tommy Ton via 7. Nic Screws via 8. 9.

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  1. Beautiful PHOTOS!!

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