Best Men’s Style Moments of 2011

Nothing cheers us up more than a trip down memory lane, so this week we’re focusing on our favorite moments in fashion from the past year. We thought we would share with you a few (of many) moments we stopped this year to think, wow, we really love what we do. Or for this scenario, wow, we really love what that guy is wearing. The moments we most appreciated in men’s fashion…

{1. a return to classic, simple basics}

{2. this wonderful hue of summer blue}

{3. a rolled cuff + socks with flair}

{4. dressing like Don Draper}

{5. details of the sartorially-inclined}

{6. styling & tailoring the Italian way}

{7. power-dressing in Boardwalk Empire}

{8. bright colored denim}

{9. NBA stars stepping up their style}

{10. for the love of layering}

So tell us, what did you love about 2011? Was it the resurgence of dressing like a gentleman? The fact that you don’t have to wear socks if you don’t want to? We would love to hear from you!

Photo Credits: 1. The Sartorialist 2. via 3. The Sartorialist 4. Via 5. 6. Via 7. Abbot Genser/HBO via 8. The Urban Gent 9. Matt Jones via 10. The Sartorialist 

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